• Panayiotis and Olga Karra

    Panayiotis and Olga Karra

    It all began in 1928 when Panayiotis Karras, moved to Athens from Epirus in northern Greece to invest his enterprising genius in his chocolate dream. At 2 Voukourestiou Street in downtown Athens, Aristokratikon triumphed, projecting a dynamic Greek presence into the international aristocracy of chocolate and opening new roads of flavour, quality and inspiration in the confectionery world.

  • Toula Bitsopoulos

    Toula Bitsopoulos

    Toula Bitsopoulos received the baton from her father, Panayiotis Karras. The tradition and philosophy passed to the next generation and Aristokratikon entered a new era with a second shop opening in Kifissia. The personal care of the Bitsopoulos family elevated their chocolate jewels to a delicious delirium.

  • George and Despina Bitsopoulos

    George and Despina Bitsopoulos

    Under the personal care of George and Despina Bitsopoulos the workshop of Aristokratikon moved to the old family home on Isavron Street where George grew up. The building was restored and adapted to the needs of the workshop and offices. In 1994 they moved the flagship store in the center of Athens to Karageorgi Servias 9, a block from Syntagma Square.

  • Thomas and Pericles Bitsopoulos

    Thomas and Pericles Bitsopoulos

    The fourth generation of Aristokratikon writes its own history. They expanded the product range while maintaining Aristokratikon's traditional values. Production by hand with natural ingredients triumph. In 2010 Aristokratikon opened its third store in cyberspace, affirming the balance between traditional values and contemporary reality.

  • Lenio and Despina Bitsopoulos

    Lenio and Despina Bitsopoulos

    The fifth generation of Aristokratikon is being initiated into the traditions of authentic chocolate. We hope to continue the chocolate dream of Aristokratikon's founder, Panagiotis Karras.

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