The flavours of Aristokratikon have remained unaltered through time.
Adherence to grandfather’s recipes is sacred. An extra grain of sugar or a drop less of sherry can upset the balance of the flavour. The secrets of the proportions and mixtures as well as the knowhow for the preparation of each sweet are handed down from one generation to the next. Thanks to the human factor, each chocolate is a unique work of art.  Machines cannot replicate the work of our artisans who put their spirit and their soul into their work to create the particular and unique flavours of Aristokratikon.  The handmade masterpieces of Aristokratikon touch even the most sensitive pallets thanks to the select Greek products they contain. With the precision of a fanatical vintner who selects each grape, our confectioners handpick prunes from Skopelos, pistachios from Aegina, chestnuts from Pelion, and sour cherries from Tripoli.
We trust Greek products not only for the sake of tradition but especially because they are the best in the world.
Our artisans are as privileged to use such incomparable ingredients, as our customers who enjoy their creations.

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